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Early Childhood Development

Child Health and Safety

     Head Start and Early Head Start staff work with parents and community partners such as the District Health Department and Department of Human Services to minimize the risk of childhood injury. Most importantly, staff strive to create a safe environment for children in both the home and classroom.

     This is done by using the following safety practices and by preparing staff and parents for emergencies:

  • First aid supplies are readily available in all classrooms and staff are trained and certified in First Aid and CPR. Training is also offered to parents as requested by the local parent group.
  • Procedures for handling emergencies are posted in all classrooms; as well as a schedule of practice drills to prepare children and staff for an emergency.
  • Because infants and young children are at risk of injury every day, classroom staff complete a health and safety checklist twice annually to insure a safe learning environment.
  • Parents are encouraged to complete a home safety checklist to increase their awareness of the causes of childhood injuries.
  • Staff and parent volunteers practice good hygiene, such as proper hand-washing technique, to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. Children are also encouraged to use basic hygiene practices.
  • Since illnesses pose a risk to the health of others, the program’s illness policy provides guidelines for child attendance at the center. Parents are also notified if a child in care has contracted a communicable disease.
  • All center-based programs meet licensing rules for child care centers as required by the State of Michigan.

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