Program Impact

Community Success Stories

At NEMCSA we know that when the right services are available at the right time, people can find a path out of poverty.  We are honored to introduce you to some of the remarkable clients we have served, and to share their inspirational stories of hope and change. 

A+ for Dedication and Effort!

child at a computer success story

Dale has been a student at Johannesburg Lewiston Schools for 10 years. Struggling academically through the years, he’s worked with a School Success Liaison since Kindergarten. He was held back twice due to incomplete school work. Dale was a happy kid who enjoyed coming to school but failed to get his work done. He had been labeled as lazy, but that didn’t stop his School Success Liaison, Kate, from stepping in and working with him, encouraging him that he could get it done. When Dale was presented with his next project for Social Studies (he was to research a country and for extra credit bring in a food item from that country), Kate met with Dale daily for several weeks to gather information on his country. After a lot of hard work and perseverance, Dale not only completed the project but turned it in on time- a first for him.

In addition, Dale stood in front of his class and presented his report and received an A+. This was a major accomplishment for a student who didn’t believe he was capable of completing a simple homework assignment, let alone a big class project. Dale was beyond proud of his achievement.


Perseverance Pays Off! 

NEMCSA received an email inquiry from a woman explaining that she was the mother of two children who were disabled and wheelchair dependent.  It read: 

We currently have a homemade wood ramp which with Michigan winters is very unsafe.  I was referred to this website to see about possibly applying for a grant to assist with a ramp.  Any help would be greatly appreciated or a lead in the right direction.

wheelchair ramp This inquiry was sent to NEMCSA’s Contact email source, found on our website; Staff responded by forwarding it to NEMCSA’s Division Directors. Ultimately, through many staff efforts it landed into the right hands with NEMCSA’s Head Start Program where they provided the mother with contact information for a Michigan initiative that focuses on children with special needs.  The mother applied and was denied, but staff didn’t give up and neither did the mom.  Next a request to the Grayling Lions Club was made and an application for assistance was completed.  This resulted in the building of a  beautiful ramp. Through staff persistence and collaboration with partners, this family’s life has been strengthened and enhanced.


         "The Foster Grandparent Program has changed my life!"     

                         Older lady with preschool child

Grandma Bonnie is a new volunteer to the Foster Grandparent Program. At almost 70 years old, Grandma says “she feels like 30” since she began interacting with the children a few months ago. This has been confirmed by her physician who encourages her to keep doing what she’s doing as a Foster Granny “because you’re looking younger every time I see you”.  And who doesn’t want to look younger?

                  Happy School Success Student

happy school age boy                                                                                                                                        "Without the School Success Partnership it would have been nearly impossible to overcome these hurdles we have jumped through!"

- School Success Parent 


Safe Again Thanks to the Weatherization Program!

A woman, who is widowed, lives alone and has been falling ill on and off, had no interest in seeking assistance for anything, let alone for updating her home. It was her family that heard about NEMCSA’s Weatherization Program and called to inquire, knowing it wasn’t going to be easy to convince her to even apply. With much hesitation, it took her months just to fill out the application and then weeks to put it in the mail. She finally agreed with her family’s concerns and took action.

At the time of inspection, the inspector instantly felt something was wrong with the air in the home. He found high levels of carbon monoxide coming from three different sources; an un-vented gas space heater, hot water heater and the furnace. These high levels of carbon monoxide were the cause of her continual illness. The Weatherization staff immediately put things into place and got to work on making her home safe.

She is so thankful to the staff and the program and her health has improved greatly since her home has been Weatherized. She is currently enjoying her life taking care of her great grandchildren, working in her flower beds and just loving life.