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Region 9 MMAP Team

Why the Region 9 MMAP Team is the best in the state…

We are well into the annual open enrollment period for Medicare when beneficiaries have the option of changing Part D or Medicare Advantage plans for the coming year. Everyone is encouraged to review their current plan to ensure it is still providing appropriate coverage for the following year and to look for ways to save money. If you’ve met with a MMAP counselor, you know they are knowledgeable, unbiased, compassionate and love what they do. 

Below is an email I received from Region 9’s most recently trained counselor and it exemplifies what the program is all about. Michelle, an Otsego County counselor, gave me permission to share this…

Hi Susan-

I am on cloud 9 right now and wanted to share my success story! 

My client did not switch PDP last year because the savings was not worth her switching pharmacies. This year not only was I able to save her $813.84 on her medications with a new PDP and pharmacy, but she qualifies this year for the Medigap Subsidy and will save another $65/month! Knowing that she had to cut things out of her budget to be able to keep her BCBS after the huge increase, this news is tremendous for her! 


I think I saw her skip a little as she left my office. 


In warmest regards and love for what I do,


Michelle Miller


Thank you Michelle for sharing your love of helping others by being a MMAP counselor.  It’s the compassion and dedication of our counselors that makes our team the best in the state!  Open enrollment ends on Dec. 7