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Analysis of Occupied Housing Units by Householder Type

Brief Analysis of Occupied Housing Units by Householder Type  Northeast Michigan 2011-2015 ACS 5-Year Estimates

  • There are 85,835 households (Occupied Housing Units) in the 11county region filled by 196,273 people, average of 2.3 persons per household.
  • Of these households, roughly 65% or 56,000 are families - two or more persons living together related by birth, marriage or adoption. This could be a brother and sister, for example.
  • Roughly 30,000 or 35% are non-family households – unrelated individuals living together, such as roommates or people living alone.
  • The Family Households (44,484 of 55,939) are divided into Married Couples Families who make up almost 80% of all families; Male Householders 6%; and Female Householders, 14%. (with or without children in the home). The Male and Female Householders have no spouse present. 

Some important take-aways:

Families are the predominant Household Type in the NEMCSA service area;

Married Couples / Traditional Families are still the norm with 80% of all Family Households being of this make-up;

Twice as many households are headed by single females (7,790) as by single males (3,650);

35% of all households are Non-Family (nearly 30,000) and the majority of these [over 25,000 or 85%] are people living alone.

Of the 25,000+ individuals living alone, half OR almost 13,000 are people age 65 or older.  This is a key risk factor that triggers a service need.

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