Walk for Warmth- 2020

NEMCSA believes that when families get the right resources at the right time, our communities become stronger and more resilient. Join us in NEMCSA's Walk for Warmth Event to help support warmhomes throughout NE Michigan! 

This year, in 2020, we are excited to join the statewide effort to raise awareness concerning people experiencing heat-related emergencies with two “Walk for Warmth” options!

Option 1- West Branch Walk

Walk in West Branch at Irons Park from 9am to 11am. Registration starts at 9am, and the mile walk will commence at 10am.  Our “Walk for Warmth” will shine a spotlight on the need for emergency utility assistance and raise funds for families in Northeast Michigan facing shut-off notices. 

This is a family-friendly untimed walk. Adult registration is $20. All proceeds assist families in Northeast Michigan facing utility shut-off notices. When registering for this event- you can decide which county you want your donation to be applied. 


Option 2- Virtual Walk

Why participate in the virtual Walk for Warmth? 

Everyone can participate regardless of health status or ability to travel to specific locations. You can participate in the Walk for Warmth by donating, fundraising, or walking locally.

How does the virtual walk work?

1. Join the Walk for Warmth campaign. Form a team of your friends, neighbors, and family. Or choose to participate on your own, knowing you are part of something bigger!

2. Pick a date and location for your Walk for Warmth in February. Choose your distance: you may walk around the block, do a 1 mile walk at the local mall, or even try a longer walk or run around your neighborhood. Do what you can. There is no distance too short.

3. Take a photo of you or your team and share it on social media or email it to us at kendall-thompsonk@nemcsa.org. We invite you to use #IWalkForWarmth. Tag us @helpingpeopleoutofpoverty on Facebook.