Cloth Masks Needed for NEMCSA Staff and Volunteers

Cloth Masks Needed

Due to a worldwide shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), NEMCSA is asking for community support to sew cloth masks for our employees and volunteers that are assisting your neighbors during the pandemic. 

There have been many questions regarding hand-sewn masks including what is being accepted, material shortages, and sanitation procedures. At this time, NEMCSA is accepting donations of any style, pattern, or design. Ensuring fabric is tightly-woven, breathable and can be secured appropriately to the face is most important. 

Please review the following guidelines to keep our staff safe:

  • NEMCSA will accept any style, pattern, or design of hand-sewn face masks. We are gladly accepting all donations of hand-sewn masks.
  • In order to accommodate fabric shrinkage, please consider increasing your pattern size by at least 30% or wash fabric in hot water prior to sewing. 
  • Both elastic bands and tie style masks will be accepted.
  • Please try to ensure fabric is tight-knit or tightly-woven, breathable, and water-repellent. 
  • Do not make face masks if you are ill.
  • Supplies should be new or unused.

Resources for hand-sewn face masks:


We are extremely grateful for the support we have already received from our communities.  Your donation of homemade items will help ensure the safety of hundreds of NEMCSA staff and volunteers during the pandemic. 

If you have questions regarding homemade masks, please reach out to the NEMCSA by phone at 989-358-4600 or email at 

Please help us spread the word on social media and with your friends and neighbors. And once again- thanks for your support!