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Help End Homelessness!

Coalition for the Homeless and NEMCSA to Conduct Annual Count of People Experiencing Homelessness in Northeast Michigan January 25 

On the last Wednesday in January, local non-profit agencies and volunteers will be concentrating their efforts on identifying those who are experiencing homelessness. The annual count known as Point in Time (PIT), taking place on January 25, will identify the number of both sheltered and unsheltered people experiencing homelessness across several counties in Northeast Michigan. 

The count is a unique opportunity to make contact with people who are sometimes invisible in our communities. Although PIT data is valuable, it is easy to forget that actual people, husbands, wives, children, are behind those numbers. The PIT count is important to OUR community. For many, this is the starting line to their pathway to housing. It is the difference in moving people off the street and into housing. The pathway to housing utilizes coordinated entry.  

Homelessness exists and it affects real people. What can you do to help? 

Volunteer during PIT count on January 25 – working directly with people experiencing homelessness is the best way to learn about homelessness and assist our community in providing adequate resources. 

Donate for PIT Count date: water, granola bars and hand warmers! Drop off at the Alpena Main Office or contact Victoria Pourvis at purvisv@nemcsa.org for pick up. These items will go into bags that are handed out to the homeless along with  blankets, socks, hat, mittens 

Get connected to the Homeless Coalition – Provide support and creative ideas to contribute to the coalition in their homeless advocacy. 

Contribute – While volunteer work and advocacy are essential, material assistance is also a necessary to ending homelessness for good. Items to contribute could include: books, household goods, furniture, job opportunities, and clothing.  

For more information about this year's Point-In Time-Count, call 989-358-4707. If you, or someone you know is experiencing homelessness, please call the NEMCSA Coordinated Entry Access line: 1-866-484-7077