Help End Homelessness!

How many people are currently homeless in the United States? How many of them are families, children, or veterans? These questions can be answered after this year's Point InTime count. 

On the last Wednesday in January, local non-profit agencies and volunteers will be concentrating their efforts on identifying those who are experiencing homelessness. The Point in Time (PIT) count is a unique opportunity to make contact with people who are sometimes invisible in our communities. Although PIT data is valuable, it is easy to forget that actual people, husbands, wives, children, are behind those numbers.

The PIT count is important to OUR community! For many, this is the starting line to their pathway to housing. It is the difference in moving people off the street and into housing. The pathway to housing utilizes coordinated entry. NEMCSA and the Coalition of Homelessness in our 11 county region has implemented a welldeveloped Coordinated Entry process to allow access to an array of housing interventions, which offers a no wrong door approach. Read Jim's Story to find out the importance of this count. 

For more information on the PIT count or volunteering on this day call 989-358-4707.