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NEMCSA Homeless Sleep-Out

Group offers glimpse into struggles of homelessness

Article by Julie Riddle from the Alpena News

ALPENA — On Friday night, people in Alpena will sleep in boxes.

Instead of ending their work week relaxing in a recliner in front of a television, participants in Northeast Michigan Community Service Agency’s homeless sleep-out will cope with boredom, fend off the cold, and sleep on parking lot pavement.

Organizers hope the event, marking Homeless Awareness Month, gives a small glimpse into the lives of people who experience such conditions every day.

“I hope people say, ‘Yeah, it sounds horrible, but I want to do this,'” said Amanda Bergeron, lead housing resource specialist for NEMCSA. “‘I want to find out what someone experiencing homelessness in Northeast Michigan has to go through.'”

Hundreds of people in the Alpena area live without a home. Some stay for a while at Sunrise Mission, Alpena’s homeless shelter. Others have found other temporary roofs over their heads, either by couch-surfing or sleeping places not fit for human habitation.

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 For more information regarding this event call 989-358-4712.