School Success Program Ready For The Start of School!

The School Success Program is up and running and very happy to be back to school.  Program staff have completed and are following all “return back to work plans” and Protocols and have been furnished with all mandatory cleaning supplies and masks required per our NEMCSA and School’s policies. SSP Liaisons are busy contacting SSP students/families who have choose an on-line learning option to create a solid plan of how we continue to provide effective services while they are at home. 

Program staff, administrators and courts are also working on a slightly difference system for our truancy protocols due to on-line learning. Many parents have already reach out to SSP Liaison for assistance with their young children on the first day of school, as parents are not allowed in buildings right now. SSP Program staff and very much prepared and looking forward to the challenging times ahead to be a part of helping kids and families adjust to our new normal.

Below is a map of the counties the School Success Programs are operation in for the 20-21 school year.

map school success programs