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Bridges Out of Poverty Education


What is Bridges out of Poverty?

Bridges Out of Poverty is a set of concepts that helps businesses, churches, schools, social service organizations and individuals address poverty in a comprehensive way. It provides ideas and concrete tools a community needs to reduce, alleviate and work with those in poverty. Sessions will cover topics such as Mental Models, Causes of Poverty, Hidden Rules, Language and Storytelling, Resources and Strategies for using the Bridges out of Poverty Construct. 

Note-  Virtual Bridges Out of Poverty Training is available in NEMCSA's Core County Area. For questions regarding the Virtual Training call: 989-358-4690 or email povertyinfo@nemcsa.org                                                                                               



The Bridges Out of Poverty Training is designed to develop understanding across social and economic groups. Cultures have norms and we all respond based on the hidden rules of our upbringing. This training provides an understanding of the hidden rules for individuals in poverty, middle class, and wealth with the goal of providing avenues of success for all. Individuals who work regularly with those living in poverty or want to advocate for those in poverty will benefit from this training.

Bridges Community Training

Bridges includes a Community Training component offering community, agency and business training. The outcomes of the training include:

  •  Redesign programs to better serve the people you work with
  •  Build skill sets for management to help guide employees
  •  Upgrade training for receptionists, caseworkers & managers
  •  Improve treatment outcomes in healthcare & behavioral healthcare
  •  Increase the likelihood of moving from welfare to work


"Your workshop really did make me think about the people living in poverty!!! What an aha moment. If everyone had a change to learn from this information maybe the world could be a better place for everyone.You both did a great job. I would love to hear more!!!"


"I can't wait to hear more! I would like to take this course, get the book, do the two-day workshop. Thank you so much! Thank you for your vulnerability. I learned a lot, things I would never considered. May I say, this was a good education in learning compassion."


Contact Information

                                                                                                                          call: 989-358-4690

                                                                                                              email: povertyinfo@nemcsa.org

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