Other Programs

Other Programs


Long Term Care Ombudsman Program

This program provides information and education to families and individuals about long term care facilities and services. The Ombudsman investigates concerns and help residents, families and friends resolve problems such as quality of care, residents’ rights and state regulating services. The Ombudsman and Ombudsman volunteers act as a liaison between residents, care providers and the state regulating agency. The Ombudsman can also provide you with educational programs and training in residents’ rights, guardianship, volunteer advocacy and long term care public benefits. For more information, contact the Ombudsman at (800) 219-2273 ext. 230.

Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP)

Need help figuring out Medicare and/or Medicaid?

The Michigan Medicare Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP) is part of the State Health Insurance Program (SHIP). Free, confidential counseling and assistance is available for people with Medicare.  Click here to learn more.

Each year MMAP, through its dedicated staff and volunteers, provides invaluable service to Michigan’s communities including:

  • Counseling people with Medicare through the annual prescription drug plan enrollment period.
  • Connecting with seniors who have limited incomes to help them save money on healthcare costs.
  • Educating the community about health insurance issues.

The Region 9 MMAP team has about 40 certified counselors who provide services in the 12-county area. During the last fiscal year, counseling services and assistance were provided to nearly 5,000 Medicare beneficiaries. The role of a MMAP counselor is to provide accurate benefit information so the Medicare beneficiary is able to make an informed decision best suited for his/her individual needs. Because MMAP counselors are not affiliated with any insurance companies they are able to provide unbiased information to seniors and persons with disabilities who are trying to make decisions about their healthcare options.

Volunteer counselors are trained to assist and provide information on problems or questions about Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Supplemental Insurance (also known as Medigap), Medicare Part D, Long-Term Care Insurance and related issues. Counselors can help break down the complexities of Medicare into understandable options and assist with enrollments, coverage disputes, and Medicare appeals, as well as reporting suspected Medicare fraud and abuse cases to the appropriate authorities.

If you need help with Medicare or Medicaid, call the Hotline at (800) 803-7174 or go to the website here.  

Speakers are available for group presentations on various Medicare topics. Contact (800) 219-2273 ext. 212 for more information.

Michigan Assistive Technology Loan Program

The MATL is a joint effort of United Cerebral Palsy of Michigan, Disability Network agencies throughout the state, Michigan State University Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU) in East Lansing and, for the twelve counties of northeast Michigan, Region 9 AAA.

The program provides low cost, fixed-rate loans to qualified applicants to finance the purchase of assistive technology devices and/or services including modification of vehicles and homes, wheelchairs, computers, hearing aids, etc.  Loans may also cover the cost of training, warranties and services agreements.

Any resident of the State of Michigan who has a disability, or a senior who needs assistive technology, may apply.  There is no minimum loan amount; there is a maximum of $30,000.  The interest rate is determined by Michigan State University Federal Credit Union based on the applicant’s credit score and is a fixed rate for the duration of the loan.  Current rates range from 4.75% – 9.75%.  Repayment terms are based on the expected useful life of the assistive technology device or service and are for as long as possible, up to a maximum of 7 years.

To obtain an application visit the Michigan Assistive Technology Loan Fund website.  Click here or contact Connie McQuarrie at the Region 9 Area Agency on Aging (800) 219-2273 ext. 261 for further information and assistance.

Legal Services

Region 9 AAA contracts with Legal Services of Northern Michigan (LSNM) to provide legal assistance to adults aged 60 or older.  Funding and services are limited.  Contact LSNM at http://www.lsnm.org/ or by calling (989-356-9081 in Alpena or 989-705-1067 in Gaylord.

Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)

Are you over 55 and looking for work? SCSEP might be for you. SCSEP is a community service and work-based training program that promotes economic self-sufficiency for older workers by providing part-time employment at the current minimum wage.  Participants are placed at a variety of non-profit or government agencies. Training is provided to help you gain the skills needed to obtain work outside of the program.  Eligibility rules apply including;  you must be at least age 55 or older, unemployed, and have a limited income.  Call (800) 219-2273 ext. 261 for more information or email Connie at:  mcquarriec@nemcsa.org.

Volunteer Programs

Senior Companion and Foster Grandparent:  Volunteers must be age 55 or older and meet income eligibility requirements.  Volunteers serve an average of 20 hours per week in community settings and receive an hourly  non-taxable stipend and other benefits.  For more information click here or call 1-877-222-9043.

Retired Senior Volunteer Program:  Volunteers must be age 55 or older.  There is no eligibility criteria or minimum hours of service.  Mileage reimbursement to and from service.  For more information call 989-358-4652 or email:  bowens@nemcsa.org or go to www.nemcsa.org/get-involved/volunteer-today/.