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MLK Day and The War on Poverty!

This week holds a dual significance as we celebrate both the 60th Anniversary of Community Action and honor the transformative legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. President Lyndon B. Johnson's 1964 declaration of a War on Poverty laid the foundation for Community Action Agencies. NEMCSA, born in 1968, stands as a testament to this enduring commitment, providing over 30 programs in Northeast Michigan to address the complex challenges of poverty.

As we observe MLK Day, we recognize the profound connection between Dr. King's vision and the mission of Community Action. NEMCSA, echoing this spirit, remains a beacon of hope for Northeast Michigan. Over six decades, the agency has adapted to the evolving needs of the community, addressing poverty and fostering equity. In Northeast Michigan, where nearly 22 percent of residents face economic challenges, NEMCSA's work is more critical than ever. Let us renew our commitment to creating a more equitable society where all communities can thrive, ensuring that NEMCSA remains a cornerstone of empowerment for generations to come.