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Family Services

Family Services

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When difficult life situations require a family’s attention, it can be hard to put an emphasis on a child’s education. In Head Start, we work with families to provide referrals for services such as housing, heating, clothing, mental health, counseling, and transportation so that families can once again focus their attention and efforts back to their child’s learning. Workshops are offered throughout the year on various topics including budgeting/finances, nutrition, family routines, positive discipline, experience-rich environments, literacy, and Kindergarten-transition. Staff strive to help families make connections to their community and parents are encouraged to be advocates for their children throughout the community. Parents seeking further connection and involvement opportunities can seek to be elected to serve on Policy Council; providing an opportunity to make administrative decisions, participate on various committees, and be involved with the planning and implementation of Head Start policies.

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These materials were developed in part through grants awarded by the Office of Head Start and Michigan Department of Lifelong Education, Advancement, and Potential.