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Housing Counseling Programs

Housing Counseling Programs

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Tax Preparation Assistance:

NEMCSA doesn't offer income tax preparation assistance at this time. However, the IRS offers the service for free through their website. You can click here and it will take you directly to the IRS website. You can also find free file offers for IRS partner websites here.


How We Can Help...

Rental Counseling 

The Rental Counseling Program is one on one counseling with our HUD Certified Financial Coach. During each session the Financial Coach works with the client to create a maintainable budget, helps the client with setting goals based on their housing situation, as well as figuring out the best approaches to reaching those goals. Each session is individually catered towards each client to assist them with the things they are struggling with.  



Foreclosure Prevention Program

The Foreclosure Services Program,  uses our HUD certified Financial Coach to assist eligible homeowners who are at risk of losing their home by helping them to understand the Michigan foreclosure process and to apply for state and local government programs, and other available programs. The Financial Coach will also work with servicers and lenders to come up with loan modifications and other in-house options for late mortgages.                                                                                                                                         

Thank you very much for everything. I am now able to stay in my home thanks to you and your help in these hard times.

Financial Literacy Class

The Financial Literacy Class teaches people useful information, such as budgeting, recovering from debt, banking, credit scoring, consumer protection and much more. After completing the classes, people will know how to repair any credit or bad debt issues. Along with having a positive outlook on their financial situation and work to understand the need to live with a set budget.

      NEMCSA offers our Financial Literacy classes at various locations across our                                                               12 county service area. If you'd like to register for a class you can contact our                                                                           Financial Coach by email at gagnona@nemcsa.org or call her at 989-358-4653.

Homebuyer Education

The Homebuyer Education Program assists people who want to buy a home or those already purchasing a home. People that attend the class, will  better understand types of mortgages, loan terms, and the homebuying process.

Pre-Purchase Counseling

After the homebuyer class, staff offer the opportunity to meet with our Financial Coach to complete Pre-Purchase Counseling. This meeting is tailored to discuss the needs of the individual/family. Meetings include creating a budget, credit report review and discussing any issues, covering ways to reduce debt, fix credit scores, and improve debt-to-income ratios.







Family of 3 looking at their dream homeNEMCSA is now offering ONLINE Homebuyer Education and Financial Literacy Classes. NEMCSA has partnered with eHome America to offer online classes so that we are better able to serve our clients. You can access the online classes by clicking HERE. The fee for the online homebuyer education class is $99, however if you contact us before registering online, we will be able to offer you a coupon code to reduce the price of the course.

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