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Stats and Data

Stats and Data
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As part of the Northeast Michigan Community Service Agency, the School Success Partnership Program has been in operation for 31 years. The community-based program services school-aged children and youth from Pre-K through 12th grade who are at risk for academic failure.

The School Success Program collaborates with family members, teachers, and administrators to address student needs and barriers to academic success. With a combination of state and internal funds, School Success is a thriving program that can be accessed in 9 Northeast Michigan counties.

The dashboard below highlights the results of current program operations.

School Success 22-23 dashboard

2022-2023 State Report 

Historical Stats & Data

2021-2022 Dashboard

2021-2022 State Report


2020-2021 Dashboard

2020-2021 State Report


2019-2020 Dashboard


2018-2019 Dashboard
Jan 2019 State Report
June 2019 Final State Report


2017-2018 Dashboard
Jan 2018 State Report
June 2018 Final State Report


2016-2017 Dashboard
June 2017 Final State Report


2015-2016 Dashboard
June 2016 Final State Report


2014-2015 Dashboard
UofM State Report