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AAA Public Speakers

AAA Public Speakers

Find Region 9 Area Agency on Aging staff who are the right fit for you and your event based on speaking topic, location, and experience. All speaking engagements are based on access and availability of staff. 

To have AAA Director Laurie Sauer Speak at an event email sauerl@nemcsa.org or call 989.358.4663

Region 9 AAA Presentations 

  • Region 9 AAA Services and Programs 

To have Specail Projects Coordinator Brooke Mainville Speak at an event email her at mainvilleb@nemcsa.org or call 989.358.4616

Health and Wellness and Caregiver Presentations 

  • Technology Tools for Caregiving 
  • Caregiver Self-Care 
  • Kinship Care Program 
  • Preparing to Care: Caregiving 101
  • Importance of Attitude 
  • Importance of Brain Health 
  • Caregiving Dementia Series (3 Parts) 
  • Fall Prevention 
  • Region 9 AAA Caregiver Services and Programs

To have Planning and Volunteer Coordinator Kitty Glomski at an event email her at glomskic@nemcsa.org or call 989.358.4612

MMAP Presentations 

  • New to Medicare
  • Scams/Fraud
  • Advantage Plans explained
  • Podcasting



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