Enhancing quality of life by empowering individuals and strengthening communities.

Message From the Executive Director

On August 15, 1968 a community action agency was born to alleviate the cause and conditions of poverty in northeast Michigan. Now, over 50 years later, NEMCSA continues to make a difference in the lives of our communities’ most vulnerable individuals, children, and families. NEMCSA’s programs empower people to take the path towards self-sufficiency, which would not happen without the tireless efforts of NEMCSA’s team, whose compassion, commitment and collaboration are apparent each and every day.

 As we begin to look back over our rich history, we are proud of our accomplishments toward the goal of addressing poverty and its effects on thousands of residents of the region; yet we are always mindful of how much more needs to be done.  Using our Strategic Plan as a roadmap, NEMCSA continues to build on its strong foundation becoming more efficient and effective as we move into a more digitized, electronic age. Change seems to be the ever present theme for Community Action as a whole and for NEMCSA as the local link. We will embrace these changes, continue to work collaboratively, engage with our community partners, leverage additional resources and create or maintain innovative anti-poverty and community building programs. Together we will build pathways for our children, families, and seniors to move from surviving to stability. Please join us in this endeavor. 

Lisa Bolen Smiling