NEMCSA Housing Services and Programs

Foreclosure Assistance- Program is designed to assist eligible homeowners who have delinquent mortgages and/or property taxes by helping them to understand the Michigan foreclosure process and to apply for state and local government programs.

Homebuyer Education- Classes and counseling to assist individuals and families who are interested in becoming homeowners or those already in the process of purchasing a home.

Financial Capability- Teaches participants about necessary financial information, such as budgeting, recovering from debt, banking, credit scoring, consumer protection and much more.

Rental Assistance- The Rental Assistance Program can assist with the payment of security deposit, rent, and rent arrearages.

Heat and Utility Assistance- The Heat and Utility Assistance Program provides financial assistance for deliverable fuels (propane, fuel oil, and firewood) and metered utilities (electricity and natural gas). (We could do this instead of it having its own button on the main page).

Weatherization Program: The Weatherization Assistance Program can help you save money on your energy bills.