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Cooking for One

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Cooking for One


Tips for Cooking for One

  • Plan your weekly menu ahead of time.
  • Buy single servings at the meat or seafood counter.
  • Learn how to scale down recipes for one person.
  • Get creative with your leftovers.
  • Think soups, stews, chilies, roasts, casseroles, and any kind of slow-cooker meal.
  • Prepare meals and freeze them into smaller portions for later. Write the date on the packages and move older items forward to the front to avoid spoilage.
  • Attend a meal at your local County/Council Commission on Aging.
  • If you have other single friends, work together to share meals.
  • Stock your pantry with canned vegetables, beans, fruits, and dried foods such as rice and pasta.
  • Check with your local grocery store for online ordering with curbside pickup and/or delivery options.



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