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Long Term Care Ombudsman Program

Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program

 This program provides information and education to families and individuals about long-term care facilities and services. The program actively works to improve the long-term care system by representing the interests of long-term care residents and monitoring the development of federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and policies. The Ombudsman and Ombudsman volunteers act as liaisons between residents, care providers, and the state regulating agency. The Ombudsman can also provide you with educational programs and training in residents’ rights, guardianship, volunteer advocacy, and long-term care public benefits. For more information, contact Maija at 989.358.4630 or aikensm@nemcsa.org

Local Ombudsman Services

Local Ombudsman work with individual residents to resolve problems and promote high-quality care. They provide a community presence by routinely visiting residents of long-term care facilities and are skilled in providing the following:

  • Explaining residents’ rights 
  • Empowering residents to communicate their concerns individually or collectively 
  • Assisting in the resolution of resident concerns
  • Promoting community education and awareness regarding long-term care issues
  • Promoting the use of best practices 
  • Seeking solutions to identified problems within the long-term care system

 When To Call An Ombudsman

  • When you have unresolved questions or concerns about care in a facility
  • When you have questions about your rights in a long-term care facility 
  • When you have questions on alternatives to nursing home care 
  • When you want to learn more about best practices and creative solutions to problems in long-term care settings 
  • When you are shopping for long-term care services 
  • When you have questions or need technical expertise on long-term care issues 
  • When you want to schedule a presentation on issues related to long-term care


Become a Volunteer Today! 

If you are interested in becoming an Ombudsman Volunteer, please contact Maija Aikens at 989.358.4630 or aikensm@nemcsa.org.


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