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Self-Care Ideas

Self-Care Ideas: 

  • Relax.
  • Create a plan, and write it down. 
  • Pursue your passions. 
  • Read a book.
  • Set limits for what you can do. 
  • Garden.
  • Journal.
  • Knit, or sewing. 
  • Get a massage.
  • Take a long bath or shower.
  • Talk to a family member or friend. 
  • Meet with a counselor or therapist. 
  • Share your feelings with others. 
  • Repeat positive self-affirmations. 
  • Take a nap.
  • Listen to music. 
  • Schedule a family meeting. 
  • Split up caregiving responsibilities. 
  • Take a moment to laugh.
  • Give yourself credit.
  • Take a Caregiver Workshop (Powerful Tools for Caregivers or Creating Confident Caregivers).
  • Attend to your own healthcare needs, by going to the doctors, get routine exams and flu shots. 
  • Ask for help and accept help. 
  • Learn and use stress-reduction techniques, e.g. meditation, prayer, yoga, Tai Chi.
  • Get proper rest and nutrition.
  • Exercise regularly, even if only for ten minutes at a time.
  • Take a break from caregiving.

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