Homeless Assistance Program

Homeless Assistance Programs

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Normal business hours-staff working remotely. Staff are seeking additional motels to contract with to accommodate increased homeless needs in the area as result of area shelters closing or denying entry of new individuals.

Eviction Diversion Program

This program is funded by the State of Michigan’s Coronavirus Relief Funds and were designated to the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) via Senate Bill 690 to ensure the implementation and support of an eviction diversion program for each community. 


BOTH the Tenant AND the Owner/Landlord must agree to participate or neither one is eligible
Owner/Landlord MUST agree to waive any late fees/penalties from total rent arrearages
Owner/Landlord MUST agree to forgive 10% of rental arrearages (NO “side deals” allowed)
Depending on monthly income, the Tenant MAY BE responsible for a % of rental arrears and it MAY need to be paid upfront to Owner/Landlord.
Application for DHHS SER is not required, but if rent is owed for month’s prior to 3/1/2020, SER may be able to assist.
Tenants can only be assisted ONCE with Eviction Diversion Program Funding


EDP Tenant Application

EDP Owner-Landlord Application

EDP Program Requirements and Resources


What Is It?

The Homeless Assistance Programs can provide services to secure and retain housing. The program also provides financial assistance (Security Deposit, Rent, or Back Rent) to homeless households and households at risk of homelessness.

Am I Eligible?

You are eligible if:

  1. You live in one of our service counties (see above)
  2. Your housing situation is such that:
    • You are living on the streets, in your car, or in a shelter; OR
    • You are a renter with an eviction notice; OR
    • You are staying with friends or family on a temporary basis. 
  3. You meet the program income requirements

(NOTE: Income guidelines may not apply if you are living on the streets, in your car, or in a shelter.)  


Did you know that there is a Northeast Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness(NEMCAH)? 

The NEMCAH is a collaborative group of community organizations and individuals with an interest in homelessness, housing needs, supportive housing, or housing related services in Alpena, Alcona, Cheboygan, Crawford, Iosco, Montmorency, Ogemaw, Otsego, Oscoda, Presque Isle and Roscommon counties.

The members of NEMCAH serve those who are experiencing homelessness or may be falling into homelessness: you, your neighbors or those living on the streets to name a few. Many members of our communities are experiencing a financial crisis that is affecting their ability to maintain housing stability.  Visit the NEMCAH website for more information. 


How Do I Apply?

Contact our centralized intake at:

(989) 358-4678 or 1(866) 484-7077 Ext. 278 


Click HERE to e-mail