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Partner Programs

Region 9 Area Agency on Aging Partner Workshop Series 

Here is the list of clickable links to MSUE December programs: 

5/1-5/27 (self-paced)- My Way to Wellness

5/1-5/31 (self-paced)- Spongy (Gypsy) Moth Egg Mass Hunt

5/1-5/31 (self-paced)- Michigan 4-H Alumni and Supporters Walking Challenge

5/2- It’s Getting Green – Food Safety with Wild Greens from Dandelions to Fiddleheads

5/4-Be Kind to Your Mind

5/5- Preserving MI Harvest: Condiments

5/5-6/9 (Thursdays)- Diabetes PATH

5/9-Applying for Student Loans

5/10 (ongoing)- Diabetes Prevention Program

5/12-Michigan Cottage Food Law

5/14- HomeGrown Gardening: Edible Forests

5/17- The Informed Renter

5/24-6/28 (Tuesdays)- Sleep Education for Everyone

5/26- Virtual Mental Health First Aid


5/5- Japanese Golden Week Celebration

5/8-5/16- Grow Your Financial Garden

5/9- Investigating Food with Science: Spicing it Up

5/10- Wild Spartan Series

5/23- Investigating Food with Science: Edible Fizz


5/3- Parenting Hour: Positive Discipline

5/17- Parenting Hour: Talking with Kids About Race

5/18-6/22 (Wednesdays)- Parent Talk System Series

5/19- Managing Milestones: Walking, Talking, Potty Training & More!

5/24- Relax: Alternatives to Anger for Parents and Caregivers

5/24- Parenting Hour: Reducing Challenging Behaviors in Toddlers

5/26-6/23 (Thursdays)- Guiding Principles for Highly Effective Parenting Series

5/31- Mindfulness for Children – Helping Kids Manage Stress

5/31- Parenting Hour: Co-Parenting

4-H Future Squad 

Grow Your Money: Investing and Risk Management

4-H Sweet Sales Workshop

Investigating Food with Science

'Tis the Season to be Scientific GooseChase

Extension Extras Parenting Hour


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