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Hands on Skills for Caregivers

Hands-on Skills for Caregivers 

When assisting someone else with dressing, bathing, standing, or moving keep these helpful tips in mind. 

1. Approach from the front and retain eye contact. Coming from the back can startle your care recipient leading to increase levels of agitation. 

2. Use a calm voice throughout the whole process.  

3. Have your care recipient help you as much as they can. 

4. Don't rush your participant. 

5. Use assistive devices such as a Gait/Transfer Belt, when physically assisting someone. 

6. Watch transfer videos or meet with an occupational therapist to develop the correct transfer skills to avoid injuring yourself. 

7. If your care recipient doesn't want to get undressed in front of you, leave the room and come back in. If they still continue to be difficult plan on doing it at a later time or day. 

8. Keep your local fire department phone number nearby in case you need it. 



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