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Caregiver Self-Care

Caregiver Self-Care 

Compassion fatigue or caregiver burnout is a real thing where you are emotionally and physically exhausted, and just become unable to continue. You can combat this by taking care of yourself as the caregiver. By taking care of yourself you will be able to provide better care to your care receiver, as well as live a happier, healthier life. However, many caregivers make the mistake of waiting too long before taking care of themselves or asking for help. 

Ask yourself: 

  • Am I taking care of myself?
  • Why aren't I taking care of myself?
  • What arrangements need to be made so I can have "me" time? 
  • What good will I be to the person I care for if I become ill?
  • Do I have trouble asking for help or what I need? 
  • What do I really enjoy doing?

Use community resources:

The more you let these services help you, the less you have to do. Here are some places to get help:



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